Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Dear Elijah,
We had the best Christmas ever.   Uncle B was home from the Navy and Ryan come over to celebrate our special day with us.   Here are a few pictures of our wonderful day.

Uncle B & Nonna 

Mommy, Elijah, Ryan 

Mommy having fun 

Elijah playing with Ryan while Mommy takes a spin

Uncle B helps you out 

Mommy & Ryan 

First Christmas Together 

Mommy opening presents 

Opening Presents 

Elijah, Ryan and Mommy 

Our wonderful family 

Elijah and Ryan 

You just discovered the smoke coming out of our

Papa John teaching you how to shift 

Run Toby Run ... 

Thank goodness Nonna & Papa have a big yard

Paisano w/ his christmas bow tie

Toby too !