Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eggs

Dear Elijah,

Tonight you and Nonna started to prepare for the upcoming Easter holiday.   We colored easter eggs and you had such a great time.  Here are a few pictures for you ....

First Airplane Ride

Dear Elijah,

Here are a few pictures from your first airplane ride from Los Angeles to Chicago for Mommy's Naval Academy Graduation.   You were so excited and so good on the plane.  You thought it was the greatest thing to be able to get up and walk down the aisle to the bathroom while the plan was in the air.  It took about 4 trips to and from  the bathroom for me to realize you were just playing a game with me.  You never really needed to go to the bathroom, you just wanted to get up and walk around.

Got Canteen?

Dear Elijah,

You decided you wanted to carry around your Canteen to drink water from it all day.  You wanted to be a Sailor just like Mommy.    We had purchased this canteen when we went back to see Mommy graduate from Bootcamp @ Great Lakes Naval Academy in Chicago, IL.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Your Nonna

Dear Elijah,
Here is an updated picture of you and Nonna (me) taken April 13, 2011.   This was the picture we took to show Mommy your hair cut and to keep her motivated while she is in Navy classes in Texas.  We are all so proud of your Mommy.   She is making the ultimate sacrifice by being away from you to make a better life for the two of you.   She knows you deserve more than what you currently have and she is working so hard.   May you always be proud of your Mommy for putting you first over everyone.

You are certainly loved beyond words.

iPhone Pic 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dear Elijah

You love Batman so much that Papa John ordered you a special mask.  You really think you are Batman, it is so cute to watch you.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Powers !!!

Dear Elijah,

You are currently going through a phase in your life that I think is awesome.   You believe you are a "Special Character"!   First, you decided that you and I would become Yogi Bear and Boo Boo.   I usually call you "Boo Boo" , and once you saw the movie "Yogi Bear",  you understood.  You then decided I should be Yogi Bear.  Of course you wanted me to change my voice to sound like Yogi when I speak to you.  In fact, I must admit, I did a pretty good Yogi Bear voice.

Then one day, you decided you wanted to be Yogi Bear and we switched roles.  Of course, I made lots of mistakes calling you Boo Boo and you patiently corrected me every time ;-)

Out of the blue you changed characters on me, again.  You became Batman!  I think you were watching a Batman show @ Ms Grace's house and this gave you the idea.    So, you were Batman, I was Robin, and John was Joker.   You were so cute when you were giving out our character assignments.

Yesterday, you came home & started asking me to give you "Super Powers" so you could get more energy.  I thought it was funny as heck and how cool was it is that you actually thought I had the ability to give others powers.   AWESOME!  You and I came up with a special look I could give you & then I would blink my eyes and this caused the powers to transfer.    You would then speed up with whatever you were doing, as if you did receive  the powers.

Papa John and I were talking about this fun time in your life.  I then decided I wanted to have my own special characters that I like.  So, I've decided to become .....  "WONDER-WOMEN"!!!

More to come on our super power activities.....