Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elijah's Visit

Elijah is currently visiting his daddy for a few days.  Blogs/Pictures will resume upon his return.   We miss you Elijah !

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chopsticks !

Dear Elijah, 
Nonna came home tonight and treated you and Mommy to dinner out.  We decided to get Japanese food and let you try using chopsticks. You opened them up, Mommy showed you how, and off you went .  You were much better than both of us using chopsticks. 

You make an attempt....

You score !

You Eat !!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Your Great-Grandpa

Dear Elijah,
I took your Mommy to Las Vegas, NV to see her Grandpa (your Great-Grandpa) this weekend.  Grandpa Jerry is retired Air Force, so he showed mommy all around Nellis air Force Base.   Mommy wanted to see what the inside of a military base looked like since she will soon be testing for the Navy Reserves.  Mommy is doing everything she can to make a better life for the two of you.   Mommy had so much fun being with her Grandpa and enjoyed it very much.

Here is a picture of one of the Jets in front of the Control Tower ...

Here is a picture of Nonna and Great-Grandpa.   It looks like Mommy 
snapped the picture before we could smile, but we love the picture any ways. 
 Look at the two big Jets in the background. 

We had a wonderful trip for just us two girls. Mommy got 
to get a lot of rest & is so looking forward to seeing you.
I think she even got you a SURPRISE !!! 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy's Day !

Dear Elijah, 
Today is a special day that is given to all Mommy's in the world.  This special day was created to celebrate our Mom's for giving us life and sharing their love with us.  

to your wonderful MOMMY !!! 

Being a single Mom is never easy, but I know you 
are going to be a great big help to Mommy as you guys make
a new life together. 

To celebrate our Mother's Day holiday, Papa took all of us on a wonderful road trip.  
We stopped first at "Anderson's" known for their Famous Pea Soup.  We were there early so we had a wonderful breakfast.

Next we headed to a Jalana Beach which is between Santa Barbara & Solvang.  It was a bit breezy and cool, but such a clear and beautiful day.  

What a wonderful day we had !   Thanks for being 
such a good boy for Mommy on her special day ! 

Friday, May 7, 2010

What All Children Want Their Parents To Know...

Dear Elijah,
Today I was browsing in one of my favorite little bookstores and came across this book.  Mommy, Papa and I are all reading it so we make sure we are helping Mommy parent you in the best way possible.  We love you so much and want you to grow up to be an amazing man.

Teach me to love and care for myself
Through your own positive example. 
I'll learn from all your actions
And grow to have good self-care.

Notice me often. 
Taking joy in my very existence.
I'll grow up knowing I am special
And help others to feel the same. 

Listen to me with empathy.
Have an open and loving heart. 
I'll know I'm seen and heard
And grow to be a good listener.

Laugh and have fun with me often
Be affectionate every day.
I'll play and enjoy my life
And bring more joy to others. 

Acknowledge me often,
And tell me when you appreciate me. 
I'll know that I am worthy
And learn to acknowledge others. 

Teach me to be disciplined, 
And correct me with kindness.
I'll lead a life of dignity,
With the pride of self-respect. 

Allow room for me to grow, 
To make mistakes and have opinions. 
I'll learn to be independent 
And to trust my own judgment.

Stay interested in learning 
And following your dreams.
I'll pick up your enthusiasm 
And be inspired to do the same. 

Be honest and authentic,
And live your highest values. 
I'll learn from your experiences
And grow to have integrity. 

Teach me to be of service 
And to honor the differences in others. 
I'll learn generosity of spirit
And embrace all walks of life. 

Focus on what's going right
And have faith during troubled times.
I'll learn the skill of optimism, 
With gratitude for each new day. 

Love me without condition, 
Throughout my ups and downs. 
I'll know that I am cherished
And bring more love to the world.

- Diana Loomans and Julia Godoy 

Camp Out !

Dear Elijah,
Today you and your Mommy decided to sleep out in the Travel Trailer for a little "Camping" time.  You really love being in the trailer and pretending it's your little fort.  You also like  to take your Cheerios and put them in a pot on the stove and stir it.  You loved pretending like you were cooking. The best part came when Nonna taught you how to pretend that you were serving and Mommy and I pretended to eat.  You thought that was so much fun.

Here are a few pictures that Papa took the morning after your camp out.

Peaking out to tell Mommy the sun is up ...

The sun is warm in this spot.... Trying to wake up

Posing for Papa 

One happy little camper.. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dog Park ...

Dear Elijah,

We had a great day at the dog park.  The weather was warm, the sun was shinning, and the hills were all green with yellow flowers.   We took the two small dogs, Paisano & Isabella.  They had so much fun running with you.  In fact, you were so much fun that other dogs wanted to come play with you too.  One even tired to kiss you.  

Here are a few pictures of our day !

New Behavior...

Dear Elijah, 

Today you came back from your overnight visit at Daddy's house with a new behavior that didn't go over so well.  When Mommy was having an adult conversation, you put your hand over her mouth for her to be quiet.   Mommy thought this was very rude and told you not to do that anymore.   Of course, Nonna was there with her camera taking pictures :-)

Hands over the mouth... 

Mommy upset...

Elijah feeling bad ... 

Mommy happy again... All is well !

** Special Note:  When I was sharing this blog with Elijah today, he was able to see in the pictures exactly what we didn't like that he did.  Great learning opportunity. ** 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Missing You !

Dear Elijah,
Today is Saturday, May 1, 2010 and you to visit your Daddy.   We really missed having you with us.    The weather was gorgeous so Mommy & I  decided to take the top off the Jeep and go on a road trip.  We can't wait to take you in the Jeep when the top is off  because you will really love it.

We came across these beautiful rocks, mustard fields,
and the green hillsides while out on our drive ...

We passed this billboard that made me remember
Randy Pausch and the wonderful gift of the 
"Last Lecture" he shared with the world ... Remind me 
someday when you are older I will tell you about him.  

I took Mommy to have a facial... 

The pretty lady doctor you liked did the facial...

Here is a beautiful picture of your Mommy.  You are a lucky little 
guy to have such a beautiful and loving mommy.  

Once we were all done, Mommy and I stopped off to get her an
original Cupid Hotdog before heading off to drive along the beach ...

Afterwards Mommy and I met up with Papa and Uncle Brandon
for a special dinner out to Celebrate a "Grown Up" Mother's Day.  

Mommy came up with the idea for us to try out a place called 
"The Melting Pot".  This is a fondue place that is a lot of fun.  We made it 
"grown up only"  because we were afraid you might burn your hands on the hot burners 
on the table or the fondue pots.   When you are a bit older Nonna will take you to try it.  

 Here area few pictures from our dinner taken withe my iPhone.  

First course started with a Cheese Fondue and they gave
us bite size breads, apples, and vegetables to dip in  it with long cooking  forks...

Here is the part where Mommy was loading up her long cooking fork and
poked herself in the hand with it... 

Here she is showing her boo boo. 
Wish you were here to kiss it better for her.

But she didn't let it stop her from 
eating and having fun with the family... 

Here is Mommy and Uncle Brandon.  Uncle Brandon has his
hair cut short because he will be going into the Navy in a month. 
It's hard to believe Mommy is the "big sister"  when Uncle Brandon
is twice her size. 

Here is Nonna and Papa being silly... 

Here we are trying to not act so silly.  It didn't last long... 

Here is Uncle Brandon dipping his food in the pot..

We had steak, shrimp, chicken, Salmon, Potatoes and Broccoli... 
Here we let some of the meat cook for a few minutes

Everyone's favorite part was the dessert.

We had two chocolate fondue pots going 
(white chocolate with amaretto and milk chocolate with peanut butter).   
They served the yummy treats below to dip in the chocolate.  

We had a wonderful time laughing together and being silly.  Your Mommy said
this was a wonderful "Mother's Day" treat for her...   

I can't wait for you to return tomorrow so we can 
talk about what we want to do special for Mommy 
for her real "Mother's Day" with you next Sunday ...