Monday, July 26, 2010


Dear Elijah,
I was leaving for work and I stopped by your room to see if you were awake.  You were sound asleep with your bottom in the air, so I ran to get my camera because you looked so cute.  By the time I got back to your room you had moved positions, and this position was just as cute...

I just had to share it with you...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimming ...

Dear Elijah,

We took you to Grandpa Scott's house to do some swimming.  The weather was very warm, so it was a nice treat to play in the water.    Here are a few pics...

 Happy Elijah after a day  of swimming !

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mono Lake Overlook

Dear Elijah,

While up in Mammoth, Papa took you off roading to a spot way up high that overlooks the beautiful Mono Lake.   Here are a few pictures from this adventure:

Bodhi Ghost Town

Dear Elijah,
Papa took you and Mommy to a ghost town called Bodhi.  I wasn't feeling too good, so I decided to stay back at the campsite.  You had a good time but wasn't in the mood for pictures.   Papa had to keep telling you that he was taking pictures for Nonna (me) so you would at least stand in one spot.  I guess I'm so lucky that you like when I take your pictures.

Here are a few pictures from your trip:

Keogh Warm Springs Water Hole -

Dear Elijah,
Papa took us all to the Keogh Warm Springs Water Hole.    This is a main runoff from the mineral springs and the water temperature is just perfect.   We usually stop here when we go camping.  However, you Mommy was a bit weirded out that she would swim in a hole, but soon got over it when she saw how much fun we were having.

You did very well in your life jacket and loved being in the water.  We need to get you into some swimming lessons.

Here are a few pictures:
The beautiful flowers around the watering hole ...

John surveying the water hole to ensure our safety...

Getting ready to get in ....

Nonna and Elijah were the first ones in... 

Mommy is finally in... 

We all had a blast and got all the camping dirt off so we could sleep well ....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mammoth - July 4th, 2010

Dear Elijah,
When Mommy and Papa went out for a hike while we were camping, I took you to the park to play.  Here are a few pictures of our time at the park.

First Camping Trip - July 4th Holiday, 2010

Dear Elijah,
We have recently returned from our 4th of July Holiday vacation in the mountains.  Nonna and Papa took you and Mommy on your first camping trip. We chose Mammoth Mtn as the perfect place to go for your first trip, because this is Papa's favorite place.  Nonna drove Mommy and you in her Jeep so we had a vehicle that we could take off-roading.  Nonna let Mommy play all her songs on her IPOD the whole way up.   Papa drove up in his big truck pulling our apartment on wheels (Travel Trailer).

We spent a week in Mammoth, CA @ Tom's Place campground.  This campground was located in the mountains between Bishop and Mammoth.   We had never stayed there before, but we ended up loving it.  It had a great creek at the end of the road that we could hear all night.  It was very relaxing.

Here are a few pictures from our vacation:


Stretch Break @ Creek 

Our "Apartment on Wheels" 

Elijah's great facial expressions 

Elijah helping Papa stack the firewood 

Mommy hiding in the "Bear Box" 

Our Site # & Reservation Dates 

Mommy & Elijah get dressed in the warm morning sunlight
 that was coming  through the window. 

Here you are helping Mommy in the Kitchen

Elijah's version of hiding (aka pouting corner) 

Papa took you down to the lake

Bryna Bars came by to visit us @ our campsite. (Her daddy works 
for my Nonna).   She really liked to play with your toys. 
   Here is a picture of how closely you were watching her and making sure she
didn't take your truck too far away.  

Playing with Alexander & Brynja 

You loved digging 

Having a snack @ the campsite with Mommy