Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1st Oil Change

Dear Elijah,
Each day your passion for cars increases to a whole new level.   Papa John was going to change Nonna's oil for her Jeep and you had to be involved.  I couldn't help but grab my camera to catch this great moment.  Elijah's 1st Oil Change !  

This is such a big deal for Papa.... he loves being able to share his love of cars with you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Status Check !

Dear Elijah,
I've decided to give you a "Status Check" on what has been happening in your life so far.  It's been about 4 months since you and Mommy moved home to live with Nonna & Papa.   You are seeing your Daddy on Fridays and Saturdays.  You look forward to your visits with  daddy and you always come back so exhausted, as if you were up all night playing.  Sometimes you are so tired you are very cranky.  We've figured out something that works... Mommy and you will go out into the Travel Trailer and spend some time together.  After about an hour with Mommy and possibly a nap, you are ready to come in and play with Papa and I.

You've grown so big lately.  We bought you some new Buzz Lightyear shoes that light up.  You were in a size 8 but we had to get you a 10 this time.  I wonder if you are going to be tall like Uncle B (Brandon).   You are using the Jogger Stroller more now since you have gotten to big for the regular stroller.  You are still holding off on the potty training thing.  I think you are very aware of what to do, you just don't want to make it easy on us.   Let's hope you give up the fight and become potty trained since it has to happen sooner than later.

We have almost caught you up on all your immunizations.  You've been such a good trooper all along.   You are always so good when we go to the doctors.  You love when they listen to your lungs with the stethoscope.

Speaking of birthday, you recently had one.  Turning 3 means you are officially a "Big Boy" now.  I will post pictures in a blog for you.

It's so wonderful how you are very close with your Papa John.  You guys just love cars.  You watch car shows on tv together, go to car shows to look at them, and you even play hot wheel cars on the floor at night.    As for your relationship with Nonna... it's perfect!   You are such a wonderful, happy guy that I am so drawn to your loving personality.  I say prayers that you grow up to understand your importance in this wrorld.  You are the element of change... you will make a difference in this life... I could only hope to be around to tell you I told you so.    One thing is for certainly.... Always know you are loved beyond compare.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm a car guy too !

Dear Elijah,
It seems that as every day goes by you begin to love cars more and more.  This certainly makes your Papa John very happy.  He loves to share his passion for cars with you.

Duan, Papa's friend,  came over to our house to have Papa help him fix his truck.  You wanted to be out there with them and see what they were doing.   Here are a few pictures ....

Here is the face that Papa makes at me when he wants me to stop taking so many pictures

You and your beautiful Mommy ...

Kisses for Mommy...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Elijah turns 3

On June 14th, Elijah turned 3 years old.   He had a wonderful day @ a Car Show, Train Museum @ Griffith Park, Presents and Cake.

Elijah loves cars, 
so what better way to celebrate his 3rd birthday 
than to go to a Car Show

Next, we were off to the Train Museum @ Griffith Park...

Then Presents & Cake !!! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drive Through Car Wash

Dear Elijah,
Today you and Nonna went to take the Jeep to the drive through car wash.   You were so excited watching the car before us go through as we waited.  Once we were inside, you loved hearing the noise on the top of the jeep, watching it spray it with soap, and most of all the big dryers.

Then of course we ended our adventure today with "Golden Spoon Yogurt" ... Yum Yum