Monday, September 19, 2011

Jr. Ranger ~ Mt. Pinos Camping Trip

Dear Elijah,
Nonna and Papa took you camping this past weekend @ Mt. Pinos.   We had so much fun.  Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend:

Mt Pinos Camping Trip Sept 16-18, 2011 

Waking Up & Enjoying looking out @ nature 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Great News

Dear Elijah,

Last night Nonna got onto her twitter account and sent Mommy J a message.   I ended up talking between Mommy J and Mommy C and hopefully they have decided to join forces so that it makes it easier to co-parent you.     You deserve all the best little man and I hope they can both see that the only way to make this a reality for you is to work together.

Elijah @ 4   

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dear Elijah,

Last night you came home from Daddy's house in a little mood.  You started off being disrespectful and not listening.   This is really unusual behavior for you.   We are not sure of the rules over there, but you certainly know our rules.  Hopefully a good nights sleep is all you need.    I can only pray that any frustrations about the divorce are not being said in front of you and that they hold you accountable for your behavior as well, in a positive way.

Hopefully some day, your parents will figure out how to handle all this divorce mess.   They need to learn to put the past in the past.  Your Mommy is doing good with this, but hopefully Daddy D & Mommy J will too.

I know it is hard being a child of a divorce.  Going back and forth between houses with different sets of rules.   I am  going to try to teach you how to transverse through this kind of life, as I have raised two kids of a divorce and I have seen the struggles first hand.

A great book I used when I went through my divorce.
We are now 20+ years after the divorce, and Papa S and
we are still good friends.   It can work if your parents care enough. 

Our goal in this house is to have you grow up to be an upstanding young man, who is polite and well adjusted.   Who can set goals in his life and achieve them.  We want you to never have to struggle in life and we will help you get there.    I love you beyond words, Little Man .... Love Nonna xoxo

This would be the perfect outcome ! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beach Bum

Dear Elijah,

You are my little Beach Bum !    You had such a good time @ the beach the other day with Mommy.

I love to see you so happy....

A day @ the beach with Mommy
Malibu, California