Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm Fire & Bubble Bath

Dear Elijah, 

You just returned from a visit with your Daddy and you were very cold due to it has been raining.  Papa made you a fire so you could warm up before you headed off for a nice bubble bath.   Even Nina wanted to watch over you .... 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Elijah's Big Boy Room

Dear Elijah,

Papa and Nonna asked you if you were ready for your own room yet, and you said yes.  What a big boy decision.   In fact, you are such a big boy that we went out and bought new room furniture and a twin bed.  No more toddler bed for you !!     Papa decorated it with all the car things you love.   You are so excited to sleep in your "own" room tonight.  You are growing up !!

The new linen finally arrived... We chose the "Finish Line" bedding
 because it was more crown up than the CARS theme. 

Your Nightlight -  A Traffic Light 

Elijah Meets Mr. Policeman

Dear Elijah,

Today was a very special day for you.   Nonna and Papa took you out for dinner and you ate all your food.  On our way back to the Jeep, you saw a Policeman sitting in his car.  You waved to him and said hello.   Mr. Policeman got out of his car and let you get inside to turn on the emergency lights.  You told him all about Mommy being in the Navy.   Mr. Policeman was so nice that he even allowed Nonna to take a picture of you too.   He said he had a little boy about your age at home.   He was a very nice man.  Here are a few pictures Nonna took with her cell phone.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Learning to tie shoes

Dear Elijah,

Nonna found something to help you learn to tie shoes.  The package came with 4 shoes & laces... You had a great time practicing tonight.  

Nonna Cooks ...

Dear Elijah,

Before Mommy left for the Navy, we all ate out a lot.  Partly because Mommy and you didn't really eat out before coming to live with us and it was always a nice treat.   Well, sometimes you can over do a good thing.   We all started to get tired of eating out.  

Nonna decided she was going to start cooking more.   I'm actually looking forward to teaching you and Mommy how to cook more.  Or, perhaps we will teach each other by making our way through a cookbook.   When you someday marry, I want you to be able to help your wife out by cooking half of the time.  

Here are a few pictures from this cooking adventure:

Cookbook Ready...

Meat Marinating ... 

Remote Cooking Thermometer Setup... 

Directions Ready... 

Meat Cooking ...  (Smell was Fantastic) 

Remote Thermometer in Action ... 

Finished Results ... 

Side Dish ~ Grilled Vegetables ... 

John's Plate .... Yummy !! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just another day @ the Beach

Dear Elijah,
After Mommy shipped off for the Naval Academy, we decided to take you to the beach again on the way home since you loved it so much.  We walked on the Santa Monica Pier.  Papa bought you some sand toys and the two of you build some wonderful castles.   Here are a few pictures from our day @ the beach...